Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. By now I am assuming you’ve found your way here as you’ve been linked from my social media accounts, but if by chance you’ve happened to stumble across this website without knowing anything…. Hey! Hi! I am Samuel – a wedding celebrant based in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Melbourne!

Congrats on your engagement!

I want your wedding day to be the best day you could of ever imagined (it’s the romantic in me!). Everything from the music, to the decorations, right down to the damn celebrant. For me, weddings can be SO stiff and formal, so I want to bring the good vibes & laughter to YOUR day.

I’d love to hear about YOU!, your relationship, how you met, how you see your marriage in 5, 10, 20 years from now. Let’s meet over coffee, or a beer at a local burger joint and let’s start chatting about how I can share your rad love story to your closest family and friends.

I recently got married to my beautiful wife. It was the best day of my life, without a doubt. Wedding planning is fun, but stressful, then fun, then nerve-wracking. I am here to help you with the process. Not sure of  your date? No problem. No venue? Let’s research some together. Unsure of how ceremonies go? I’m here to walk you through the formalities, and here to personalise your ceremony.

Here is a little snapshot of me:

  • I’m funny. But not in the quick-witted, fire back at you within .2 seconds way, but in a dad joke “did he really just say that!?” way.
  • I love all things country. Country music, Country living, Country cooking.
  • Smoked meats & craft beer is my thang.
  • Horror movie buff.
  • Hiker. Not like a pro hiker, but I enjoy the odd 18km mountain hike once or twice a year.
  • NRL (Up the mighty Broncoooos!)
  • NFL (Tennessee Titans, ya’ll)

Want to chat more? Hit me up. Click the get in touch button. Reach out on my social media. Let’s get planning.