The Journey with the Bearded Celebrant

So, you are getting married and have decided to start looking for vendors. I know when I was getting married and looking for a Celebrant, I had no idea what was involved, so many choices, so many different people. As your Celebrant I want to ensure your day is as stress free and relaxed as possible. Inspired by a conversation I had with a fellow Celebrant, Pete, who can be found here > Pete The Celebrant < who shared a process he uses with his clients similar to this, I have decided to outline the steps that occur from the initial enquiry to the moment of  pronouncing you as married.

The First Step:  Holla at me via my online enquiry form, which can be found right here in the enquiries tab on this website. Once you have completed that form, I will be in contact with you.

The First Meeting: After the initial enquiry, we can arrange to meet up, share some laughs, tell me your story, about how you first met, ask as many question as you like and we can get know each other. You then have the opportunity to decide whether I am the right Celebrant for you.

Booking The Bearded Celebrant: Once you have decided that I am the Celebrant for you and you wish to proceed, I will email you two things:

1. A welcome pack

2. An Invoice for payment of deposit

The Second Meeting: This is the meeting where we really deep dive into your relationship so that I am able to learn about the nuts and bolts of you as a couple, which will enable me to create you a unique and personal ceremony. This is also the meeting where we will complete the legally required document called the NOIM and I will be required to sight proof of identification (Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers License), which I will ask you to bring with you beforehand. With the formalities out of the way, we can continue to share some more laughs over a beverage of choice.

Writing Your Love Story: After hearing your story and how you would like your story to be told, I will create a first draft, and send it to you for approval. This is where any changes can be made and any adjustments to the script will continue to be made until you as the couple are 100 percent satisfied with the final product.

Rehearsal: If you should decide that you would like a rehearsal, we can organise this anytime before the wedding day. This can simply help with understanding the flow of the ceremony, everyone’s roles on the day and where the bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom #loveislove will be standing, as well as the bridal party. This is one less stress you as a couple will have to worry about on the day and can allow you to focus solely on each other and becoming partners for life…. the whole reason you are choosing to be married, right?

Finishing Touches: This is where the script will be finalized and any late fine tuning will be completed before emailing the final script to you, ready for THE BIG SHOW!!

The Big Show: Today is the day, kitted up and raring to go, ready to proclaim your love for your best friend in front of all your closest family and friends. I will recite your love story and deliver you a fun, relaxed and personalised ceremony that will forever be remembered by you and all your guests. At the completion we will need to complete a couple of  legal documents, and sign the marriage certificates before sending you on your way on your journey into married life.

I hope this has answered any “what’s next” questions. Feel free to reach out to me and let’s get chatting!


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